Proximity switches

Accurate and contactless sensors for use in automated processes, alarm systems and for position monitoring in processes.

How does a proximity switch work?

Contactless proximity switches are indispensable within the industrial sector. In comparison to mechanical switches, they offer the best conditions – its contactless functionality ensures that there is no wear-and-tear during operation and thus in turn the switch has a long service life. High switching frequencies and accuracy ensure the accuracy of the switch. The compact design provides guaranteed protection against dust, moisture and vibrations.

The use of sensors as providers of information for control units is an important requirement in every automated process. The sensors provide signals about positions, locations and fill levels and act as the pulser for counting tasks and for measuring speed.

Potential areas of application:

  • Door contacts 
  • Air conditioning device controllers
  • Position monitoring within processes
  • Alarm systems
  • Pneumatics
  • Automation industry
Nik Thaqi
Technical Sales

Proximity switches manufactured individually in line with your requirements – speak to a member of our Technical Sales staff for advice.

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