Magnetic switches as proximity sensors

The reliable and contactless detection of magnets with Reed technology.

How does a Reed magnetic switch work?

Magnetic switches are based on the tried-and-tested Reed contact-magnet principle, which guarantees reliable and durable functionality. A Reed contact installed in the housing is actuated by the magnetic field of a magnet. The switching state of the Reed contact can be evaluated and further processed by a downstream control device.

Examples of use:

  • Door contacts 
  • Air-conditioning system control units
  • Position monitoring of processes
  • Alarm systems
  • Fill-level monitoring
Magnetschalter Individuell Reed

Individual magnetic switch

Magnetic switches manufactured individually and according to customer requirements in various designs and materials.

Our sensors identify the magnets from a defined distance and detect whether, for example, a door is open or closed.

Ruedi Stockmann – Technical Sales | Reed Electronics AG

What makes a Reed magnetic switch stand out from the competition?

Reed magnetic switches work without contact having to be made, which reduces wear and tear to a minimum and guarantees that the product has a long service life. The magnetic switches can be easily installed, work in a potential-free manner and do not require supply voltage. 

Magnetschalter Schnittbild Aufbau

Structure of a Reed magnetic switch

A magnetic switch contact comprises two flat contact tongues that are hermetically fused in a glass tube filled with protective gas. If a permanent magnet is brought close to the switch, the overlapping contact tongues are attracted to each other and contact is quickly made. When the permanent magnet is moved away, the contact tongues are immediately demagnetised and return to their rest position. 

Mitarbeiter in Mechanik

Advantages of the Reed magnetic switches


There is no friction, which reduces the wear and tear to which the magnets are subjected to a minimum and guarantees a long service life for the product.


Due to a Reed contact being used, no auxiliary power is required to operate the sensor.

Switching functions

Precise switching distances subject to the reference magnet. Available in a bistable design as a normally open, normally closed or changeover contact.


Magnetic switches designed exactly to your requirements in different designs and materials.

Peter Schmid
Technical Sales

Benefit from our expertise and receive non-binding advice from our technical experts. 

Here are a few things of which we are extremely proud.

Systementwicklung Reed Electronics AG
A system development
Level monitoring with considerable added value
Produktion Reed
The history of Reed
The history of a successful Swiss company

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