Water in the tank

Limit-level detection

The precise monitoring of fluid limit levels by sensor systems that come into contact with the medium being measured.

How does level detection work?

Level detection sensors are typically used in situations where a tank must not overflow or, for example, where a pump is to be controlled.

The technologies used – such as float switches or conductive rod electrodes – stand the test of time in a wide range of media and are also suitable for use in corrosive atmospheres. They ensure a high level of functional safety and reliability in the monitoring of the detection of fluid limit levels.

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What is the right method for detecting limit levels for your project?

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Examples of applications for detecting limit levels

Conductive sensors can also be used in small spaces. Compared with other manufacturers, Reed offers highly accurate conductive rod electrodes – particularly in media with low conductivity. If needed, designs for detecting limit levels can also include extraction and filling functionalities.

Since the sensors are exposed to very abrasive media such as hydrochloric acid or a mixture of different chemicals, they have to be manufactured using resistant materials. We have extensive experience in this area and would be pleased to provide you with expert advice on the right material for you.

If needed, we can produce entire assemblies containing modules for extracting and filling as well as sensors. These do not need to be maintained or calibrated, are reliable and long-lasting and can be tailored precisely to the requirements of the machine in question.

The sensors must be manufactured especially for use in explosive atmospheres and for EX applications, and as such meet special safety, shape and construction requirements.

Our sensors are equipped with components that have been certified by an official certifying body and are suitable for use within an EX area. This functionality has already been successfully tested in Formula 1 tank systems, for example.

Using our analysis electronics, our development team has succeeded in detecting limit levels in media with extremely low levels of conductivity, opening up a whole range of new possibilities for our customers, as it means that electrodes can be integrated into tanks in a huge variety of designs, even in very confined spaces. With no other comparable product currently available on the market, Reed Electronics is leading the way in the industry.

Marco Röthlin – Technical Product Manager | Reed Electronics AG

Level switches are used in the following sectors, for example

Laboratory technology

The laboratory technology industry has high quality and safety standards in place since sensors may be used in very abrasive media in some applications. Reed Electronics checks 100% of all of its sensors during production and ensures that they comply with all Swiss quality standards.

Industrial machines

Limit-level detection is a requirement for a wide range of machines. Each machine and each tank has its own specific requirements, creating new challenges for manufacturers. We have many years of experience in this area and would be pleased to help you find a solution.

Other possible areas of application

  • Medical technology
  • Biotech
  • Pharmaceutical technology
  • Chemical industry
  • Water tanks
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System solution

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