konduktive Elektroden

Conductive rod electrodes

Electrodes for the conductive measurement of up to five limit levels in conductive media without any moving parts.

How do conductive rod electrodes work?

Conductive rod electrodes with discreet switchpoints are used to detect limit levels. In this process, conductometry is used to detect whether there is any contact with the medium. Multiple electrodes can be installed and thus multiple limit levels can be detected with one sensor.

The rods are made from solid stainless steel and can thus also be used in very harsh conditions. As this sensor technology does not need any floats, it functions without any moving parts whatsoever. The conductivity of the medium is a prerequisite for the use of conductive sensors.

Examples of use:

  • Overflow drains
  • Protection against running dry
  • Two-step control
  • Moisture detection

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Advantages of conductive rod electrodes

Simple installation

Simple installation in confined spaces due to the small sensor dimensions.

Suitable for highly viscous media

Conductive rod electrodes have a resistant design and are suitable for use in highly viscous media.

No moving parts

As this sensor technology does not need any floats, it functions without any moving parts whatsoever.

Wide range of materials

The process connections on the conductive rode electrodes will, upon request, be made for you from PVC, POM, PP or PVDF.

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