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Level monitoring with considerable added value.

Ensuring the constant supply of osmosis water

In the application process of diagnostic systems, a constant supply of osmosis water must be provided to ensure that there are no process interruptions. The customers of system manufacturers would like to connect the system directly to the existing piping system so that the canisters required do not need to be manually exchanged. The safety requirements for this product are commensurately high. Whatever happens, the reservoir must not be overfilled or allowed to run empty.

The container is filled with a medium via the supply line. The Reed sensor measures the fill level and shuts off the supply of the medium via an integrated control unit upon reaching the defined level. The medium can be supplied to the process via a filtered supply line. If the medium fill level falls to a defined level, the filling process will be automatically initiated again via the control unit.

Systementwicklung Reed Electronics AG

What makes the product stand out from the competition?

The system is equipped with a wide range of safety elements that are controlled by or independent of the software, the purpose of which is to prevent the reservoir from being overfilled. Supply line faults and short circuits are detected and the system is automatically shut down.

Peter Schmid
Technical Sales

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