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Sensors for continuous fill-level monitoring

Sensors can be individually designed and produced in line with customer requirements thanks to the wide variety of materials.

How does a Reed sensor work?

Sensors monitor fluid fill levels reliably and continuously. In so doing, the fill level of the liquid is recorded and converted into an electronic signal, whereby the user can, for example, translate the current fill level into a measurement of 0 to 100%.

Sensors are typically used for dosing systems, mechanical and apparatus engineering, the digitalisation of the current fill level and for applications in small containers. The sensors are also available in an EX design for use in potentially explosive atmospheres.

Product overview

What makes a Reed sensor stand out from the competition?

The Reed chain with floats has proved its worth for decades and is considered to be a reliable, robust and reasonably priced quasi-continuous measuring principle. The only moveable component within the sensor is the float itself. Different fill-level measurement resolutions can be generated by means of the Reed chain measuring principle. Measurement takes place regardless of the electrical properties of the medium, pressure, temperature and the density of the fluid.

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Reed chain measuring principle

The float rises and falls with the level of the medium. The magnet installed in the float actuates the Reed chain within the sliding tube. By placing the Reed contacts in a row inside the sliding tube, various grids and thus different fill-level measurement resolutions can be generated. In addition to a three-wire potentiometer circuit, 4–20 mA or 0–10 V are also available as an electrical output.

Mitarbeiter in Produktion

Advantages of Reed sensors


Design and production in accordance with your requirements with no minimum order quantities. Also available in an EX design for use in potentially explosive atmospheres.


The smallest design possible with a measurement resolution of up to 5 mm is suitable for small containers and confined spaces.


Thanks to a wide range of materials and dimension, the sensors can be supplied quickly in various designs.


The robust design guarantees the reliable and long-lasting functioning of our products.

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